Can I Put Bigger Tires on my Truck Without a Lift?

Bigger tires work well especially for trucks, but the challenging part is understanding what size you should install. Have you asked yourself “Can I put bigger tires on my truck without a lift?” Well, many factors play a big role to fit big tires on any truck i.e. ride height, recommended tire ply for type of ride, tire height, and wheel-well for driving straight and turning-radius.

Adjustment by Torsion Bar

Fitting big tires for your truck by adjusting the torsion bar is the easiest method to have your truck raised by about 1 to 1.5 inches. This works well if your truck is a 4WD type that typically uses a bar suspension system. Avoid adjusting the torsion joints up to their limit to avoid damaging the suspension system and experiencing low ride quality. Turning the adjustment bolt clockwise will raise the amount of load that can be handled by the bar, but also raise the height. Doing the opposite, will lower the vehicle by reducing the spring rate.

Fitting wheel spacers can help because you are extending the tire more outward from the chassis and fenders. Before going too far wide with thicker spacers, ensure you understand road force balance and how it can help to improve ride quality and safety.. Positioning the wheels away from the truck to avoid rubbing against the wheel wells sounds easy, but more elements play a big role such as hub bolt length, regulations on how far a tire sticks out for your state, and if the hub assembly, axels, joints have enough strength to continue giving a quality ride without wearing fast. Check the suspension and make sure it isn’t placed under too much stress because of the angles and extra weight of the tires, and road force weight.

You can use an off-road bumper alongside wheel space

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